End The FUD

The best links to articles debunking Bitcoin FUD

Bitcoin as Money

“Too Volatile”

Bitcoin is Not Too Volatile

Misconceptions about Bitcoin

Addressing Persisting Bitcoin Criticisms

“Bitcoin is a bad medium-of-exchange”

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

“No intrinsic value”, “Bitcoin is a bubble”

Bitcoin’s Fundamental Value is That it is The Most Excellent Money That Exists

An (Institutional) Investor’s Take on Cryptoassets

Value Proposition

Misconceptions about Bitcoin

How we Know Bitcoin is Not a Bubble

Subjective Theory of Value

Regresssion Fallacy

Case Bitcoin: No Intrinsic Value

Bitcoin is a Bubble

“Bitcoin isn’t scalable”, “Can’t process as many payments as Visa”

Misconceptions about Bitcoin


“Bitcoin is Being Pumped by Tether”

Don’t Fear Tether

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