End The FUD

The best articles debunking Bitcoin FUD

Bitcoin as Money

“Too Volatile”

Bitcoin is Not Too Volatile (Parker Lewis)

Misconceptions about Bitcoin (Lyn Alden)

Addressing Persisting Bitcoin Criticisms (Ria Bhutoria)

“Bitcoin is a bad medium-of-exchange”

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin (Vijay Boyapati)

“No intrinsic value”, “Bitcoin is a bubble”

Bitcoin’s Fundamental Value is That it is The Most Excellent Money That Exists (Tomer Strolight)

An (Institutional) Investor’s Take on Cryptoassets (John Pfeffer)

Value Proposition (Eric Voskuil)

Misconceptions about Bitcoin (Section 1 & 2, Lyn Alden)

How we Know Bitcoin is Not a Bubble (Daniel Krawisz)

Subjective Theory of Value (Wikipedia)

Regresssion Fallacy (Eric Voskuil)

Case Bitcoin: No Intrinsic Value (Case Bitcoin)

Bitcoin is a Bubble (Case Bitcoin)

Bitcoin has no intrinsic value: debunked (Arman the Parman)

“Bitcoin isn’t scalable”, “Can’t process as many payments as Visa”

Misconceptions about Bitcoin (Section 3, Lyn Alden)

“Bitcoin’s price is artificially manipulated”

“Bitcoin is Being Pumped by Tether” (Case Bitcoin)

Don’t Fear Tether (Dan Held)

Bitcoin Futures Market Explained and The Defense Against Bitcoin Price Manipulation (Arman the Parman)

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