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“Bitcoin wastes energy”

How Much Energy Does Bitcoin Actually Consume?

Three Myths about Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption

On Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption

Natural gas venting: How Bitcoin solved a 160 year old problem.

Bitcoin Does Not Waste Energy

Energy Waste Fallacy

Bitcoin Mining and the Case for More Energy

The Last Word on Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption

Addressing Persisting Bitcoin Criticisms

Common Critiques #4: Bitcoin Wastes Energy

The Bitcoin Mining Network: Trends, Average Creation Costs, Electricity Consumption & Sources

PoW is Efficient

Bitcoin Miners Consume A Reasonable Amount of Energy — And It’s All Worth It

Bitcoin Mining Wastes Energy? What If That’s Good?

Bitcoin: A Bold American Future

FACT CHECK: Is Bitcoin mining environmentally unfriendly?

Bitcoin’s Energy Usage Isn’t a Problem. Here’s Why. (behind registration wall)

Statement before the United States House of Representatives by Brian Brooks

“Bitcoin might exhaust all energy available to people”

Energy Exhaustion Fallacy

“Uses more energy than Visa per transaction”

Bitcoin’s Energy Use Compared to Other Major Industries

The Bitcoin vs Visa Electricity Consumption Fallacy

On Bitcoin, the Gray Lady Embraces Climate Lysenkoism

What Bloomberg Gets Wrong About Bitcoin’s Climate Footprint

The Frustrating, Maddening, All-Consuming Bitcoin Energy Debate

Uncovering The Hidden Costs Of The Petrodollar

Carbon Footprint differences: BTC vs Banks

“Uses dirty, non-renewable energy”

ASIC Chip Technology is Renewable Energy’s Future

Bitcoin Is The First Global Market For Electricity And Will Unleash Renewables

Noahbjectivity on Bitcoin Mining

Green energy and Bitcoin

Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin Can Make the World Greener. Could He Be Right?

Beware of Lazy Research: Let’s Talk Electricity Waste & How Bitcoin Mining Can Power A Renewable Energy Renaissance

Addressing Concerns About Bitcoin’s Electricity Use

How Bitcoin could drive the clean energy revolution

Bitcoin vs. Gold mining

Yellow Rock Bad, Orange Coin Good: Environmental & Social Impacts of Gold & Bitcoin

Comparing Bitcoin’s Environmental Impact…

Is Bitcoin an Environmental Disaster?

Bitcoin Emits Less Than 2% of The World’s Military-Industrial Complex Carbon Emissions

Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption - A shift in perspective

Links to this topic: btcCO2.org btcCO2.com btcenergy.org endthefud.org/energy


“Bitcon is a Ponzi/pyramid scheme”

Bitcoin is not a Pyramid Scheme

Bitcoin: Addressing the Ponzi Scheme Characterization

“Bitcoin is for Criminals”

Bitcoin is Not for Criminals

Addressing Persisting Bitcoin Criticisms

Bitcoin Common Critiques #5: Bitcoin is Used by Criminals

“Bitcoin was not fairly distributed”, “Bitcoin increases inequality”

In support of the proof of work [un]fair launch

ASIC Resistance is Nothing but a Blockchain Buzzword

Bitcoin’s Distribution Was Fair

Links to this topic: endthefud.org/justice endthefud.org/ponzi endthefud.org/criminals

Bitcoin as Money

“Too Volatile”

Bitcoin is Not Too Volatile

Misconceptions about Bitcoin

Addressing Persisting Bitcoin Criticisms

“Bitcoin is a bad medium-of-exchange”

The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

“No intrinsic value”, “Bitcoin is a bubble”

Bitcoin’s Fundamental Value is That it is The Most Excellent Money That Exists

An (Institutional) Investor’s Take on Cryptoassets

Value Proposition

Misconceptions about Bitcoin

How we Know Bitcoin is Not a Bubble

Subjective Theory of Value

Regresssion Fallacy

Case Bitcoin: No Intrinsic Value

Bitcoin is a Bubble

“Bitcoin isn’t scalable”, “Can’t process as many payments as Visa”

Misconceptions about Bitcoin

“Bitcoin’s price is artificially manipulated”

“Bitcoin is Being Pumped by Tether”

Don’t Fear Tether

Bitcoin Futures Market Explained and The Defense Against Bitcoin Price Manipulation

Links to this page: endthefud.org/money


“Some inflation is good for the economy”

Bitcoin is The Great Definancialization

Disinflationary money breaks the economy so we cannot adopt Bitcoin

“Without inflation there won’t be enough money for everybody”

Human Action: Inflation and Deflation

The Bitcoin Central Bank’s Perfect Monetary Policy

Links to this topic: endthefud.org/inflation

PoW vs. PoS

What’s Wrong with Proof of Stake?

Proof-of-Stake Fallacy

Nothing is Cheaper than Proof of Work

On Stake and Consensus

Proof-of-Stake Is a Defective Mechanism

Long Live Proof-of-Work, Long Live Mining

Proof-of-Stake & the Wrong Engineering Mindset

Work is Timeless, Stake is Not

Centralization of Stake in PoS

Proof of Stake is Still Pointless

Proof-of-Stake and Stablecoins: A Blockchain Centralization Dilemma

Links to this topic: endthefud.org/PoW endthefud.org/PoS


“Miners control Bitcoin”

Bitcoin Miners Beware: Invalid Blocks Need Not Apply

ASIC Monopoly Fallacy

Are Chinese Miners a Threat to Bitcoin

Every Reason Bitcoin Will Not Fail

What is Crypto Decentralization and Why Bitcoin Stands Alone

Who Controls Bitcoin Core?

“Blockstream controls Bitcoin”

Fact or FUD — “BlockStream , Inc is the main force behind Bitcoin (and taken over)”


Measuring Decentralization

Links to this topic: endthefud.org/control endthefud.org/miners


“Governments can ban Bitcoin”

Bitcoin Cannot Be Banned

Implications of Outlawing Bitcoin

Speculative Attack

A Most Peaceful Revoluion

Misconceptions about Bitcoin

Every Reason Bitcoin Will Not Fail

Common Bitcoin Critiques

Can Governments Stop Bitcoin?

“Governments can attack the Bitcoin network”

Bitcoin: Fee-Based Security Modeling

Bitcoin is Antifragile

“Bitcoin is not backed by anything”

Bitcoin is Not Backed by Nothing

Addressing Persisting Bitcoin Criticisms

“Bitcoin is mined/controlled by China”

BetterHash: Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining With New Hashing Protocols

Common Bitcoin Critiques: China Controls Bitcoin

Are Chinese Miners a Threat to Bitcoin?

“Governments will create their own crypto coin and force it on people”

Every Reason Bitcoin Will Not Fail

“Governments decide what counts as money”

Shelling Out

The Bitcoin Standard (chapters 1-3)

The Fraying of the US Global Currency Reserve System

Links to this topic: endthefud.org/governments endthefud.org/ban endthefud.org/china


“Coin X is faster than Bitcoin”

It’s the settlement assurances, stupid

Bitcoin is Not Too Slow

“Coin X is more fairly distributed than Bitcoin”

See Justice

“Bitcoin is MySpace”

Bitcoin Obsoletes All Other Money

Analyzing Bitcoin’s Network Effect

An Economic Analysis of Ethereum

The Problem with Ethereum: Part 1 & Part 2

Ethereum is Doomed

Pre-Bitcoin Literature @ Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

Addressing Persisting Bitcoin Criticisms

“Bitcoin developers can increase its inflation”

Every Reason Bitcoin Will Not Fail

“Bitcoin is not scarce because it can be cloned”

Bitcoin can be forked infinitely which dilutes the value

Bitcoin Can Be Cloned

Shitcoin Definition

Bitcoin Can’t Be Copied

Bitcoin, Not Blockchain

Why Bitcoin’s Imitators Are Scams

Links to this topic endthefud.org/altcoins shitcoin.review


“Quantum computing breaks Bitcoin”

What effects would a scalable Quantum Computer have on Bitcoin?

Quantum attacks on Bitcoin, and how to protect against them

Quantum Computing and Cryptography

Every Reason Bitcoin Will Not Fail

Here’s Why Quantum Computing Will Not Break Cryptocurrencies

“Block rewards will stop in the future and Bitcoin will lose all security”

“Bitcoin Gets Hacked”

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