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“Bitcoin wastes energy”

Bitcoin: Cryptopayments Energy Efficiency (Michel Khazzaka)

How Much Energy Does Bitcoin Actually Consume? (Nic Carter)

Three Myths about Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption (Dominik Stroukal)

On Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption (Galaxy Digital Mining)

Natural gas venting: How Bitcoin solved a 160 year old problem. (Upstream DATA)

Bitcoin Does Not Waste Energy (Parker Lewis)

Energy Waste Fallacy (Eric Voskuil)

Bitcoin Mining and the Case for More Energy (Hodl’n Caulfield & Selene Lindstrom)

The Last Word on Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption (Nic Carter)

Addressing Persisting Bitcoin Criticisms (Ria Bhutoria)

Common Critiques #4: Bitcoin Wastes Energy (Case Bitcoin)

The Bitcoin Mining Network: Trends, Average Creation Costs, Electricity Consumption & Sources (Christopher Bendiksen & Samuel Gibbons)

PoW is Efficient (Dan Held)

Bitcoin Miners Consume A Reasonable Amount of Energy — And It’s All Worth It (Marc Bevand)

Bitcoin Mining Wastes Energy? What If That’s Good? (Michael J. Casey)

Bitcoin’s Energy Usage Isn’t a Problem. Here’s Why. (behind registration wall) (Lyn Alden)

Statement before the United States House of Representatives by Brian Brooks (Brian P. Brooks)

“Bitcoin might exhaust all energy available to people”

Energy Exhaustion Fallacy (Eric Voskuil)

“Uses more energy than Visa per transaction”

Bitcoin’s Energy Use Compared to Other Major Industries (Hass McCook)

The Bitcoin vs Visa Electricity Consumption Fallacy (Carlos Domingo)

On Bitcoin, the Gray Lady Embraces Climate Lysenkoism (Nic Carter)

What Bloomberg Gets Wrong About Bitcoin’s Climate Footprint (Nic Carter)

The Frustrating, Maddening, All-Consuming Bitcoin Energy Debate (Nic Carter)

Uncovering The Hidden Costs Of The Petrodollar (Alex Goldstein)

Carbon Footprint differences: BTC vs Banks (Stackmore)

“Uses dirty, non-renewable energy”

Bitcoin is Already Using Clean Energy (Ali Sherief)

ASIC Chip Technology is Renewable Energy’s Future (Phil Geiger)

Bitcoin Is The First Global Market For Electricity And Will Unleash Renewables (Nima Tabatabai)

Noahbjectivity on Bitcoin Mining (Nic Carter)

Green energy and Bitcoin (Knut Svanholm)

Jack Dorsey Says Bitcoin Can Make the World Greener. Could He Be Right? (Jen Wieczner)

Beware of Lazy Research: Let’s Talk Electricity Waste & How Bitcoin Mining Can Power A Renewable Energy Renaissance (Christopher Bendiksen)

Addressing Concerns About Bitcoin’s Electricity Use (mBit)

How Bitcoin could drive the clean energy revolution (Peter Van Valkenburgh)

“Bitcoin is bad for Climate Change”

8 Reasons Why Climate Change Activists Should Love Bitcoiners (Athena Alpha)

Bitcoin vs. Gold mining

Yellow Rock Bad, Orange Coin Good: Environmental & Social Impacts of Gold & Bitcoin (Hass McCook)

Comparing Bitcoin’s Environmental Impact… (Hass McCook)

Is Bitcoin an Environmental Disaster? (Dominic Frisby)

Bitcoin Emits Less Than 2% of The World’s Military-Industrial Complex Carbon Emissions (Hass McCook)

Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption - A shift in perspective (Gigi)

“Bitcoin wastes water”

Why the BBC article on Bitcoin and Water is a monument to journalistic laziness (Daniel Batten)

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