End The FUD

The best articles debunking Bitcoin FUD


“Coin X is faster than Bitcoin”

It’s the settlement assurances, stupid

Bitcoin is Not Too Slow

“Coin X is more fairly distributed than Bitcoin”

See Justice

“Bitcoin is MySpace”

Bitcoin Obsoletes All Other Money

Analyzing Bitcoin’s Network Effect

An Economic Analysis of Ethereum

The Problem with Ethereum: Part 1 & Part 2

Ethereum is Doomed

Pre-Bitcoin Literature @ Satoshi Nakamoto Institute

Addressing Persisting Bitcoin Criticisms

“Bitcoin developers can increase its inflation”

Every Reason Bitcoin Will Not Fail

“Bitcoin is not scarce because it can be cloned”

Bitcoin can be forked infinitely which dilutes the value

Bitcoin Can Be Cloned

Shitcoin Definition

Bitcoin Can’t Be Copied

Bitcoin, Not Blockchain

Why Bitcoin’s Imitators Are Scams

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